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Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University

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Project No.
Principal Investigator
Department and College
Project cost
Community Block of
1 Sustainable Tribal Livelihood Through Scientific Backyard Poultry Rearing In Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra Dr. M. M. KADAM Department of Poultry Science Nagpur Veterinary College, Nagpur Rs. 139.00 Lakhs Gadchiroli District
2 Raising of Tribal Livelihood: Quality milk production through udder health management practices Dr. S. P. Chaudhari Department of Veterinary Public Health Nagpur Veterinary College, Nagpur Rs. 99.60 Lakhs Gadchiroli District
3 Project for Establishment of Layer Poultry Units for Sustenance and Improving Livelihood of Tribal in Maharashtra Dr. A. S. Ranade Department of Poultry Science Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai Rs. 111.75 Lakhs Thane District
4 Scheme for Upliftment and Provision of Livelihood for S.T. Population of Maharashtra State Dr. N. R. Dagli, Dr. H. Y. Palampalle Baig Department of L.P.M. Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai Rs. 221.75 Lakhs Thane District
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