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Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University

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Date Circulars
13-11-2020 "LMDP diploma course admission circular for the year 2020-21"
18-05-2018 "Establishment of University level Magas Varga Kaksha"
02-09-2014 "Compassionate Ground appointment waiting list for the post of Class D"
11-06-2014 "Total posts, Filled posts, Vacant posts"
07-04-2014 SVEEP-II (Systematic Voter Education and Electoral Participation) program of Election Commission of India
07-04-2014 Public Holidays on Account of General Election 2014
04-02-2014 Timelines set by ICAR for submission of documents
08-05-2013 Local Holiday Circular
13-11-2013 Circular For A. B. Joshi Memorial Award
13-11-2013 Circular For Hari Krishna Shastri Memorial Award
13-11-2013 Circular For Sukumar Basu Memorial Award
15-03-2016 Circular for supply of Crumb Egg Feed
09-05-2017 Temporary waiting list for appointment on Compassionate Ground in MAFSU
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