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Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University

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Project No.
Principal Investigator
Co-Principal Investigator
Department and College
Project cost
1 Establishment of Micro Training Centres (MTC) Dr. Sariput P. Landge Dr. Vaishali Virendra Banthiya and Dr. Kishor S. Rathod

NDDB, Anand, Gujrat Rs. 23.8689 Lakhs
2 MAITRI training project Dr. A. U. Bhikane Dr. Sariput P. Landge

MLDB, Nagpur Rs. 68.20 Lakhs
3 Capacity Building of Pashusakhis and Lead women for Empowerment for Women SHGs engaged in Goat and Poultry Farming in Maharashtra. Dr. A. U. Bhikane - Project Leader Dr. D. S. Deshmukh - Project Coordinator
Dr. Sariput P. Landge - Project Co-coordinator
Dr. Sandeep Rindhe - Project Co-coordinator
MAVIM, Mumbai Rs. 400.17 Lakhs
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