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Name : Dr. Sariput P. Landge
Designation : Technical Officer,
Directorate of Extension Education
Academic Qualification : M.V.Sc., Phd.
Acadmic Qualification
1. YEAR-2006,DEGREE/EXAMINATION-Ph.D in Veterinary Extension Education, INSTITUTE-Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bareilly, India MARKS OBTAINED-8.508/ 10.0,Divison-1st
2. YEAR-2005,DEGREE/EXAMINATION-Master of Veterinary Science (M.V.Sc.) in Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Extension, INSTITUTE-Bombay Veterinary College Mumbai, Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University, India MARKS OBTAINED-8.77/10.0,Divison-Distinction
3. YEAR-2002,DEGREE/EXAMINATION-Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc.& A.H), INSTITUTE-College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Parbhani, Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University, 7.82/10.0,Divison-1st
4. YEAR-1997,DEGREE/EXAMINATION-Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC), INSTITUTE-NES Science College, Nanded , MARKS OBTAINED-76.83/100 ,Divison-1st
5. YEAR-1995,DEGREE/EXAMINATION-Secondary School Certificate (SSC), INSTITUTE-Andhra Samithi Telugu highschool, Nanded, MARKS OBTAINED-79.71/100,Divison-1stDistinction
6. YEAR-2004,DEGREE/EXAMINATION-Diploma in Human Resource Management , INSTITUTE-Wellingkar Institute of Management Development and Reseach, Mumbai, MARKS OBTAINED-B+ ,Divison-1stDistinction



Area Of Research

1.Research Worker-S. P. Landge and Hema Tripathi,Year-(2006) Vol. 06: No. (3): 55-58.,Research Paper Published / Submitted-Training Needs of Kisan Mitras in Agriculture and Allied Areas,National / International Journal-Indian Research Journal of Extension Education.
2.Research Worker-S. P. Landge, S. H. Gawande, A. A. Shaikh, T. R. Nikam and A. A. Hatey ,Year-(2008) Vol.49 (1): 285-289,Research Paper Published / Submitted-Personal and Socio-economic Attributes of Goat Keepers. ,National / International Journal-Indian Journal of Social Research.
3.Research Worker-S. P. Landge, S. H. Gawande, A. A. Shaikh, T. R. Nikam and A. A. Hatey ,Year-(2008) Vol.49 (2): 401- 404,Research Paper Published / Submitted-Constraints in Goat Farming in Marathwada region of Maharashtra. ,National / International Journal-Indian Journal of Social Research.
4.Research Worker-Sariput Landge and Hema Tripathi ,Year-(2008) Vol. 69 (3): 60 - 69,Research Paper Published / Submitted-Assessment of training needs of progressive farmers (Pragatisheel Krishak) in Rohilkhand region of Uttar Pradesh. ,National / International Journal-Indian Journal of Adult Education.
5.Research Worker-Doni Jini, Sariput Landge and H. R. Meena,Year-(2008),Research Paper Published / Submitted-Job Satisfaction Among The Technical Workers of a Veterinary Institute. ,National / International Journal-Submitted To:
Indian Journal of Social Research.
1.4.Research Worker-Sariput Landge,Prakash Rathod,Amit Hatey and Vaishali Banthiya ,Year-February 2009:Vol. 35, Issue (02), Page. No. 1 & 4,Research Paper Published / Submitted-“Contract Farming: A new way for livestock farmers” ,National / International Journal-Published in News Paper Pashudhan: dedicated to Animal Health Care.

1.Particulars-Audio-Visual Developed,Date-2008-2009,Activities -Posters and CD Developed on Loose Housing System – (Contributed),Faculty Participated-Department of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Extension, BVC, Mumbai.
2.Particulars-Radio Talk: 04
a.Date-01/04/2003 (at 7:30 p.m.),Topic-I) Vaccination for the Animal Health,Faculty Participated-Dr. S. P. Landge.
b.Date-March 2009,Topic-II) Silage Making,Faculty Participated-Dr. S. P. Landge.
c.Date-March 2009,Topic-III) Diseases in Goats,Faculty Participated-Dr. S. P. Landge.
d.Date-28/04/2009(at 7:30 p.m.),Topic-IV) Vaccination in Poultry,Faculty Participated-Dr. S. P. Landge. 3.Particulars-Shows Organized and Attended: 02
a.Date-March 2009,Place-Contributed in organization of Pet Walk- Animal Fashion Show at Bombay Veterinary College Annual Gathering, Mumbai,Faculty Participated-Dr. S. P. Landge.
b.Date-25th April 2009,Place-Participated and contributed in the organization of “DOG SHOW” organized at Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai,Faculty Participated-Dr. S. P. Landge.
4.Particulars-Popular Article Published
a.Date-Bali Raja: February 2009, Issue 02, Pg. No. 70-71,Place-“Pashusanwardhan Vibhagasathi Vividh Shasakiya Yojana”,Faculty Participated-Dr. S. P. Landge.Dr. Vaishali V. BanthiyaandDr. Gajendra P. Mahalle
b.Date-Bali Raja: February 2009, Issue 02, Pg. No. 97-98,Place-“Rog Nidanamadhe Prayog Shadeche Mahatva”,Faculty Participated-Dr. Sariput Landge,Dr. R.R. Khesar and Dr. P.R. Suryavanshi
c.Date-Agrovan: Tuesday, 19th April 2009,Place-“Pashu Khadyasathi Azolla”,Faculty Participated-Dr. A.A. Hatey, Dr. Prakash Rathod and Dr. Sariput Landge
d.Date-Agrovan: Tuesday, 21th April 2009,Place-“Unhadyat Dudhad Janaware Sambhala”,Faculty Participated-Dr. N.S.Pagarut,Dr. Sariput Landge and Dr. A.A. Hatey
e.Date-Agrovan: Tuesday, 14th May 2009,Place-“Vistarnari Jaivik Maans Utpadanachi BajarPeth”,Faculty Participated-Dr. Sariput Landge and Dr. T.R. Nikam
f.Date-Agrovan: Tuesday, 18th May 2009,Place-”Janawaranchya Sudrudatesathi Lasikaran”,Faculty Participated-Dr. Sariput Landge and Dr. T.R. Nikam
g.Date-Agrovan: Tuesday, 28th May 2009,Place-”Swine Flu Kasa Hoto? ”,Faculty Participated-Dr. Sariput Landge and and Dr. Soniya Choudhary
h.Date-Agrovan: Tuesday, 2nd June 2009,Place-“Jaivik Pashusanwardhanatil Aawashwyak Tatwe”,Faculty Participated-Dr. Sariput Landge and and and Dr. Vaishali Banthiya
Work Experience

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